Business Mistakes: You Want a Successful Business – So Don’t Do This!

All entrepreneurs have to learn from their own mistakes as they build their business, but wouldn’t it be great to have some one tell you what the common mistakes are and how to avoid them? Well here are the common business mistakes – don’t do them!

1. Believing that you will start earning straight away. All businesses take time to establish themselves – even internet based ones. People need to know where you are, what you sell and most importantly, that they can trust your company to deliver what it promises. Expect to spend at least 6 months working away at your business before you break even – sometimes longer.

2. Believing that you can set up a business and it continually earns for you. Even a very profitable business needs continual management to ensure that your profit does not erode. Your products and marketing need to continually change to meet the changing circumstances in the real world.

3. Believing that you can earn whilst you are aware from the office. Even if you fully automate your business and hire really good staff, there is always an element of “while the cat is away”. That is why there are so many “absent owner” sales.

4. Being a single product company. As good as your product may be, markets and tastes will change and so must you. If your product is very good – other companies will quickly take action to seize your market share by bringing in similar products at cheaper prices.

5. Not offering upgrades and enhancements. It is far easier and cheaper to sell to existing customers. You do this by offering upgrades and enhancements to their existing products. You should have a group of products at several increasing price points.

6. Relaxing after your first success. Businesses need continual effort, management and improvements. Although a product launch is hard work, you should start on your next product shortly afterwards. This will give you sustainable success and several income streams.

7. Believing that a business can be established with little capital. Marketing, infrastructure purchases, stock, advertising and staff all cost money and must be purchased in order to make a profit. Cash flow kills more business than anything else.

8. Believing that you know all you have to. Your competitors may have been in the business longer than you have, your customers may be very knowledgeable. Meeting customer needs is a constantly changing landscape and you need to keep up to date on the latest trends and technology. You need to be able to project yourself as an expert in the field you work in. If you do not have this knowledge then learn it or buy it in!

9. Not investing in your staff. Your staff are the public face of your business. They should be well trained, knowledgeable and well dressed as well as fully motivated to sell on your behalf.

Learn these lessons well, avoid the mistakes at all costs you should save valuable time and resources by doing things right the first time. Good luck.